I work in both traditional stained glass and mixed media on paper and finding ways of incorporating both in my work.

I am fascinated by contrasts, the contrast between the ephemeral: people and their body language, and the enduring: the environment that surround them: the contrast of colour, light and dark or the solidity of an object against the flatness of the sky. My work is a mixture of abstract and almost photographic in the detailing and strongly narrative. I use photographs and the computer as a sketch book.

My paintings usually have a disassociated viewer, are very strongly coloured and explore in great detail the figure in its environment and its relationship to others, the texture of the environment, and the concept of time past, time present and time future. I have also starting introducing layers into my work by etching the glass of the picture.

Stained glass gives me the opportunity to explore the interaction of light with my subject matter and the immediate surroundings in a dynamic way. It imposes constraints and involves a strong design element within which I can explore my interests. Finally glass gives itself to an exploration of layers, layers of images on images and the layers of time implied within the images.

I am at present working on a series based on figures using mobile phones; this is in the glass and paintings. Here my interest is the way people withdraw from their immediate environment and those around them and yet still communicating.

I have a body of work now that uses birds in flight, I am not sure why they have become so important to me but they do represent the joy of movement and freedom.