My paintings and stained glass draw on similar themes.

I am fascinated by the contrast between the ephemeral: people and their body language, and the enduring: the environment that surrounds them.

My work combines the abstract with precise, almost photographic, detail – it is strongly narrative.

My paintings usually have a disassociated viewer. Colour plays an important part along with the exploration in great detail of the figure in its environment and its relationship to others, together with the texture of the environment, and the concept of time past, time present and time future.

Sometimes I etch on the picture glass of the painting, or replace the glass with a stained glass panel, so in this way I have been able to incorporate layers emphasising these ideas.

Stained glass gives me the opportunity to explore the interaction of light with my subject matter and the immediate surroundings in a dynamic way. It imposes constraints and involves a strong design element within which I can explore my interests.

Over the last few years I have been watching people’s body language as they use mobile phones and how that affects them, others and their awareness of their surroundings. They appear isolated, but are they?

Birds have become an integral part of my work, both in my painting and my glass sculptures. They represent quiet, reflection and freedom in contrast to an increasingly busy and frenetic world.


My paintings use watercolour, oil crayon, impasto medium and pencil on paper.

Stained Glass

I use both traditional and modern methods when creating my stained glass pieces.

The technique of cutting and painting glass has not changed for hundreds of years. After the glass is cut the images are painted on and then fired onto the glass using a kiln.

I use engraving, etching and fused glass to add a further and more modern dimension to my pieces.

When assembling my work I am again incorporating a range of modern and ancient techniques, from lead came (H shaped extruded lead) to zinc came to hold the pieces of glass together.

Or as in the more recent pieces copper foil and solder which lends itself to creating intricate sculptural pieces.

These are my studio spaces.

Painting glass and soldering

Painting studio



Art has always been an important part of my life. My father was a sculptor working in wood and movement and dance played an important part in his work something which had an enormous influence on the way I work.

Despite  my interest in and involvement in art I went on to study Politics and Social Administration at Bristol University, which has also played a part in my subject matter.

I have had no formal art training  but I have attended workshops in watercolour and taken part time courses in etching and printmaking. I studied stained, leaded and fused glass in evening classes under Evan Jones at Swarthmore Education Centre. I continue to do advanced studying with Ann Sotheran.

I am a member of and have exhibited with:

Roundhay Artists

Contemporary Glass Society 

East Street Arts

I am also a member of:

Yorkshire Art

Curator Space


Group Exhibitions

1981 East Anglian Artists Open Exhibition, The Fermoy Centre, King’s Lynn
1986 Open Exhibition, Ferrens Gallery, Hull
1989 Leeds Artists Show
1990 Leeds Artists Show
1996 Networking November, The Site Gallery
2001 The Galleries Wakefield
2006 Leeds Artists Show
2009 Trinity Church, Boar Lane Leeds
2010 Leeds Design Innovation Centre, Leeds

I regularly exhibit with Roundhay Artists in both their Open Studios and Pop Exhibitions. I have also been exhibiting at Staithes Arts and Heritage Festival since its inception in 2012. I take part regularly in Christmas shows.

2009 to 2011 through Artsmix I had work displayed at Debenhams , Shine, Cub LS1, and Hillside, in Leeds.
2012 ‘Linear Progression’,at Shine, Harehills, Leeds
2012 Minatures Exhibition, Cupola Gallery, Shefield
2012 Urban, Cupola Gallery, Shefield
2012 Grassington Arts Festival
2012 Cardigan Triangle Arts Trail
2012/13 Artsbank, Saltburn
2012/13 Inc Creative, Keighley
2013 Divided We Fall, Leeds
2013 Holmfirth Art Fringe
2014 Laurence Batley Theatre with Lateral
2014 ‘Connections’ Cupola Gallery, Shefield
2014 Cupola Gallery, Shefield
2014 Chapel Allerton Art Trail
2014 East Street Arts Open Studios
2015 Old Grammer School Gallery, Otley
2015 Staithes Arts and Heritage Festival
2015 Cardigan Art Trail
2015 Cupola Gallery, Shefield

2017 Glisten and Shine, Cartwright Hall, Bradford


One person exhibitions

1982 The Assembly House, Norwich
1983 Norwich Arts Centre
1985 Bacon’s Gallery, Aylsham
1887 Bacon’s Gallery, Aylsham
1988 Street Lane Practice, Leeds
1998 Vino VERITAS, Leeds
2000 Vino VERITAS Leeds
2001 Yorkshire Television
2002 The West Yorkshire Playhouse
2005 Leeds Art Library
2009 Leeds Design Innovation Centre
2012 The Station Gallery, The Station Richmond

Commissions Include

1987 Painting to celebrate the centenary year of Robert Arthington Hospital, Leeds
2010 Stained Glass Window for Brantwood, Lake District
Stained Glass Sculptures and Windows for private individuals


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