Glisten and Shine, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery,Bradford,WED 13 SEP 2017 – SUN 15 APR 2018

Glisten and Shine has been extended to the 15th April, so still plenty of time to go and see it.

Glass is a versatile and captivating medium, which touches our lives in many ways and brings much pleasure and joy to those who behold, make and design it. The artform is an ancient craft and is also at the forefront of technology. Contemporary Glass Society

This small selection of contemporary glass supports talented, new and established makers from the UK. Contemporary glass art can be functional in character or sculptural in essence or both.

‘Glisten and Shine: Glass’ prestents established makers such as Vinegar and Brown Paper, Samantha Yates, Hayley Gammon, Stephen Foster, Abundant Glass and Nick Claiden. Comparing material, style and technique to those makers in Bradford’s own glass collection, view classical Venetian glass and contemporary works by makers such as Kalim Afzal. Contemporary knitted glass by Catherine Carr sits alongside historical works inspired by the Orient and Far East, in this instance, Iran, by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Peter Layton, Priscilla Morgan-Hill and glass from Lithuania as well as Bohemian Persian perfume bottles also feature.

View the variety of styles and range of techniques of glass by artists, designers and craftspeople.

This selection presents new work demonstrating excellence in design, creative imagination and technical skill alongside the more traditional classical works. Some work is available for purchase supporting makers to establish a strong foundation for their business.

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